SEO Quick Wins


Not all websites are created the same and neither are all SEO strategies. However, SEO can be daunting when you first get started. There are so many resources and websites, it can be difficult to know where to start first. Below are a couple of quick places you should start to diagnose where you are on the SEO spectrum, and where there are opportunities to start taking control of how users are finding your content.

Error Reports

The first step to make sure you are following the best SEO strategies is to make sure your website has been updated to its latest version and there are no clear errors.

Check your Google Search Console reports to see where there are pages that are 404-ing to make sure your redirects are up to date. If no one can find your site, it will make it difficult to start ranking.

Site Maps

While you are in Google Search Console, make sure that you have an accurate and up to date site maps that is regularly getting submitted. Review your pages and make sure there are no accidental “no index” or “no follow” settings on your pages that would not allow them to be searched on pages you’d like to rank

Content Review

Once upon a time, all of the SEO sites suggested that if you want to rank for a keyword, put it everywhere. This is now known as “keyword stuffing” to make sure you aren’t accidentally conducting “black hat” SEO tactics. Review older posts and make sure for common keywords you are only mentioning the term 3-5 times, and always make sure the context makes sense.

Backlink Audit

When reviewing your referral traffic in Google Analytics are you noticing an awful lot of random sites and odd regions coming to your website? It could be that you’ve submitted your site to a directory a long time ago and now non-relevant sites are linking to your content. Make sure you are only having quality users coming to your site, and reduce the chance for your forms to be spammed.